The Product

The ‘Sector Specific Report’ is compiled every day by our Media Monitoring Department on the basis of news items published leading publications of English, Urdu & Regional languages. It includes highlights of the overnight news about a specific sector, as well as key developments in the national and international markets. We provide news about our clients separately in the form of ‘Alert’. Headlines of Urdu and Regional language clippings are translated into English. Translation of the full report is provided on request.

Mediators Sector Specific Report is e-mailed to the clients every working day. Moreover, the intra-day e-mail, ‘Sector Alert’ is sent in the event of any breaking news or development.

A tailor-made stand alone product of Mediators:

Subject specific news clippings from leading publications are supplied to the client on a daily basis. This is a service tailored to the clients needs and if required, translation of regional language coverage is also provided to the client. On negative or controversial issues, clients are also advised to take appropriate action where required.

Analysis of media coverage reports:

The media monitoring reports, for print media are provided to clients on a daily basis (Daily media monitoring reports) as well as on a monthly basis (Monthly media tracking reports with graphical presentations) and on an event-to-event basis. Media coverage is analyzed for the clients on the basis of the tracking report to show the trend of the coverage. Media tracking report of the competition is also provided to some clients on special demand.

Areas to be monitored:

(Selection of key words / issues to be provided by the client & agreed by Mediators)

  • News about the client
  • Corporate news about major competitors
  • The client’s CSR projects
  • News about the client’s financial activities (specific events, if required)
  • News about the clients operations, announcements, official statements etc
  • News about the client’s global events & activities (specific regions, if required)

The Service includes the following:

  • Comprehensive Daily Clipping Service (electronic dispatch by email of all clips)
  • Daily analysis i.e. Positive, Neutral, Negative coverage relating to the client / industry
  • Comprehensive Monthly Tracking Report comprising of all coverage with analysis and column centimeter scale.
  • Advice on how to respond regarding negative press coverage pertaining to the client / industry
  • Selection of key words / issues to be provided by the client and agreed by Mediators

Print media coverage of the client and its projects and relevant articles

Media coverage of the client and its projects and relevant articles in international press will be done whenever any news coverage or article related with the client is published in the print media (English, Urdu, Regional Newspapers & magazines. Although the media coverage is done on standard procedures, the client can specify key words, events, circumstances or situations of relevance. The client can identify the specific areas / issues for daily & monthly monitoring & scanning.

Electronic Media Monitoring:

On special request by the client, Mediators would perform Monitoring of major TV Channels on issues / topics identified by the client. The client would be billed separately for this service as it is done by our associates. The electronic media monitoring would be charged to the client on actual rates per clip per channel.

The Offer

For interested clients, Mediators can offer this service at a particular monthly fee in which our daily media monitoring reports along with scanned clippings, related to the clients interest would be digitally dispatched via e-mail.

An early morning alert would be emailed every morning (working day) containing a brief summary of relevant news items from key publications and the detailed report along with the scanned clippings would be forwarded via email as attachments afterwards.

If potential clients find our Media Monitoring service useful, we would be glad to sign a subscription contract. We can also discuss the possibility to customize our media monitoring service for the client’s specific needs.


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